US Barrel LLC
New York’s Oldest Cooperage

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...and perhaps the most unusual cooperage in North America. US Barrel produces not only premium quality, hand coopered barrels from American White Oak and other woods for the distilled spirits industry, but an array of products ranging from wooden fermentation tanks to enormous Northern White Cedar sauna barrels. No matter your needs, US Barrel is uniquely positioned to deliver expertly crafted casks and tanks to your exact specifications.

Welcome to US Barrel...

We hand select and use only the finest grades of Northern grown woods available; our severe climate and mountainous soils produce tight grained woods, minimal tannin and high heartwood extractives which yield a sweet, distinct flavor profile. This terroir combined with our fusion of traditional coopering with modern technology yields a consistent, precisely engineered barrel you may rely upon.

Since 2004 we solidly guarantee every barrel we produce and stand behind our reputation and experience as New York’s oldest, full service cooperage.